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Check subscription message

Nura App Messages

In some instances the Nura app may present a message when you connect your Nura device. This could be in regards to a software update, a message about your subscription (for customers on NuraNow subscription) or due to an error.

Nura will occasionally push firmware updates to your device via the Nura app to add improvements and new features or resolve bugs that users may experience. Nura recommends applying any update as soon as the update appears in the app, however if you are not ready to apply an update you can simply close the Nura app and apply the update by opening the app again when you are ready.

Subscription Related Messages

If you acquired your Nura device through a NuraNow subscription, you will need to ensure that you are signed in to the Nura app with the email address associated with that subscription.

If you try to use your subscription device while signed into the Nura app with a different email address you may see a message that reads:

This device is linked to NuraNow membership #NAU12345.

You are currently logged in as [email protected], which does not match any of the email addresses registered to this membership.

To resolve this, simply sign out of the Nura app and sign in with the email address associated with your NuraNow subscription. If you're unsure of the email address associated with your NuraNow subscription, check your other email addresses for your original order confirmation, or contact our Customer Experience Experts by selecting the Contact Nura Support option below.

If you reach out to our team for support with your subscription, please provide as much information as possible so that we can resolve this for you swiftly. Information such as your full name, any other email addresses you've used in the past and the serial number of the Nura device you are trying to use will help our team locate your account and provide the fastest possible assistance.

General App Error Messages

On rare occasions you may encounter an error message when connecting to the Nura app. The most common messages are:

101 - Bluetooth failed to connect

104 - Bluetooth communication failure

105 - Internet connection time out

If you see error 105, please close the Nura app, check your internet connection and then try again.

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