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NuraTrueCharging Case lid troubleshooting


Charging Case lid troubleshooting

If your NuraTrue charging case isn't closing properly:

  • Please try removing the wings and placing each NuraTrue earbud into the case to see if the case will close.

  • Ensure that the ear tips are affixed properly.

If you've removed the wings and your NuraTrue charging case can be closed without the wings attached, this would suggest wings may have been attached incorrectly.

If your NuraTrue charging case won't close without any earbuds in the case, please get in touch with our friendly support team.

To change your NuraTrue wings:

  1. Gently rotate the existing wing to loosen and then remove.

  2. Check the bottom side of the wing to find out which side they are assigned to. The letter L or R is printed above the small hole in the center of the wing attachment.

  3. Check the new wing is pushed on all the way.

  4. Place the wing onto your NuraTrue, feed the earbud canal through the large hole on the wing then align the smaller circle on the wing with the IR sensor on your NuraTrue.

  5. To check the wings are fitted correctly, the hole on the wing should be aligned with the notch on your NuraTrue. Your NuraTrue should fit comfortably in your ear and create a secure seal. You will know you have a good seal if the sound around you quietens.

Small Wing attachments, underneath:


Large Wing attachments, underneath:


Still Having Trouble?

It's worth checking Changing your NuraTrue's Ear Tips and Wings below for some great advice on how to correctly fit the ear tips and wings.

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