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NuraTrueChanging your NuraTrue's Ear Tips and Wings


Changing your NuraTrue's Ear Tips and Wings

Changing Your NuraTrue Ear Tips

Your NuraTrue comes with five ear tip sizes (4 x silicone and 1 x foam).
Try all the ear tip sizes to find the one that best fits your ears. You’ll know you have a good seal if the sound around you quietens when you put on your NuraTrue.

  • To remove an ear tip, gently pull with your fingers at the base of the ear tip where it is attached to your NuraTrue.

  • To attach an ear tip, push the new ear tip all the way down over the opening and onto your NuraTrue.

Changing Your NuraTrue Wing Attachments

Your NuraTrue comes with two sizes of wing attachments: small and large. Each wing attachment needs to be connected to the corresponding side. To check which side the wing attachment needs to be connected, view the underside to locate the printed L or R:

Small Wing attachments, underneath:


Large Wing attachments, underneath:


Try both wing sizes to find the one that best fits your ears. Your NuraTrue can also be used without the wings.

Please note: the small wing comes pre-attached to your NuraTrue in the box.

To change your NuraTrue wings:

  1. Gently rotate the existing wing to loosen and then remove.

  2. Check the bottom side of the wing to find out which side they are assigned to. The letter L or R is printed above the small hole in the center of the wing attachment.

  3. Check the new wing is pushed on all the way.

  4. Place the wing onto your NuraTrue, feed the earbud canal through the large hole on the wing then align the smaller circle on the wing with the IR sensor on your NuraTrue.

  5. To check the wings are fitted correctly, the hole on the wing should be aligned with the notch on your NuraTrue. Your NuraTrue should fit comfortably in your ear and create a secure seal. You will know you have a good seal if the sound around you quietens.

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