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NuraTrue ProPersonalisation issues
NuraTrue Pro

NuraTrue Pro

Personalisation issues

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Check that you've correctly fitted your NuraTrue Pro

  1. Hold the earbud marked L in your left hand, and the earbud marked R in your right hand.

  2. Insert the earbuds into your ears and slightly twist backwards until you find the right fit. Your NuraTrue Pro should feel comfortable and secure.

  3. To ensure your NuraTrue Pro fit comfortably, try different ear tips and wing attachments to find the sizes that work best for you.

Using foam tips?

  1. Compress the foam tip by rolling your fingers.

  2. Pull your ear back. Insert the entire foam tip into your ear and slightly twist backwards.

  3. Hold in place for 15-30 seconds so the foam can expand and create a seal.

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