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NuraTrue ProOn/Off and Auto-Pause Troubleshooting
NuraTrue Pro

NuraTrue Pro

On/Off and Auto-Pause Troubleshooting

  • Ensure your NuraTrue Pro and case are charged. See Charging Your NuraTrue Pro and Case below.

  • Ensure the infrared (IR) sensor is clean and not obstructed. The IR sensor is located near the base of the ear tips, and there is a circular cutaway for the sensor on the wings. Try wiping the IR sensor with a tissue or cloth, and make sure the wing fixture isn't covering the sensor.

  • Reset your NuraTrue by performing a Device and Sleep Reset. If the issue persists, please try a Factory Reset, if possible. See Resetting Your NuraTrue Pro below.

Still Having Trouble?

If your NuraTrue isn't responding to our troubleshooting steps, please contact us here.

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