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NuraphoneResetting your Nuraphone


Resetting your Nuraphone

If you’re having trouble with your Nuraphone and are unsure how to proceed, please reset it:

1. Connect your Nuraphone to the USB-A charging cable.

2. Connect the USB-A charging cable to your computer.

3. Place your Nuraphone on your head. Listen for the verbal "welcome back" prompt.

4. Disconnect the USB-A charging cable from your Nuraphone. Your Nuraphone should now function correctly.


If you're still experiencing issues, please try the following steps:

1. Delete the Nura app on your device.

2. 'Forget' your Nuraphone from your Bluetooth settings.

3. Install the Nura app, and re-add the Nuraphone in your Bluetooth settings.

4. If the last 3 steps have not alleviated the issue, please perform a factory reset through the Nura app, under Settings.


The factory reset will remove your profiles and return the Nuraphone to factory settings. If your Nuraphone is having issues with creating new hearing profiles, please do not factory reset the device.

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