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NuraphoneGaming Microphone - How to use


Gaming Microphone - How to use

The Nuraphone Gaming Microphone is a separately sold accessory that enables voice chat over a 3.5 mm analog connection.


  1. Nuraphone connector

  2. Microphone on flexible boom

  3. 3.5 mm analog connection

  4. Inline Remote Control

Using the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone:

Update Your Nuraphone

First, make sure your Nuraphone is up to date with the latest firmware.

Attaching the Gaming Microphone

Attach the Nuraphone connector end of the Gaming Microphone to the Nuraphone cable port.




Place hook over cup rim.

Slide hook forward until cable is secured.

Proceed to slide the Secure Hook forward, which will lock the Gaming Microphone into place. You should hear a ‘click’ once the hook is secured.

Ensure to slide the Secure Hook off prior to removing the Gaming Microphone.

Storing the Secure Hook

You can easily store the Secure Hook on the Nuraphone by rotating the Secure Hook so that it latches onto the cup cable.


Using the Inline Remote Control

1. Volume Control

Move the Volume Control dial up to increase the input volume up, or down to decrease the input volume.

2. Mute Control

Move the slider down to activate the mute control and then move it up to resume using the microphone.


How to connect to Consoles

Use the 3.5 mm analog connector and connect this into the headphone port of the controller. To adjust the Microphone input level, refer to your device's manual/user guide.

How to connect to PC or Mac

In order to connect the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone to a PC or Mac, your computer must have a single headphone port that can also accept a microphone signal (or 4-pin TRRS input).

If your computer does have an integrated headphone/microphone 3.5 mm port:

Please connect the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone to the headphone port and ensure that the onboard headphone/microphone signal is selected within your computer’s settings.

If your computer does not have a combined port:

Check whether your computer has separate ports, such as the two ports listed below:


Left: Headphone /
Output port
Right: Microphone /
Input port

In this instance, you'll need to use the included 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Splitter (1 input to 2 output) Adapter Cable in order to connect the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone to your computer. This cable is included with your Nuraphone Gaming Microphone.

To connect the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone to a third-party adapter, please follow the diagram below:pc_connection_cables.jpg

  1. Headphone/Output port

  2. Microphone/Output port

  3. 3.5 mm Y Splitter (1 Input to 2 Outputs)

  4. Nuraphone Gaming Microphone 3.5 mm Jack (4-pin TRRS)

First connect the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone jack into the input jack of the 3.5 mm Y Splitter, then connect both the headphone and microphone jacks to their corresponding ports on your computer. Once you have connected this, ensure that your computer has selected the onboard headphone/microphone ports as the corresponding input and output.

If you are unsure of how to check or change those system settings, refer to your computer’s manufacturer’s user documentation.

How to change Nuraphone settings

First disconnect the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone from your Nuraphone and then use either the Touch Buttons or connect to the Nura app to switch between Social Mode, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) or other settings.

IMPORTANT: The Touch Buttons do not operate when the Nuraphone is connected via a cable.

Need more information?

Check out either Gaming Microphone FAQ or Gaming Microphone Troubleshooting below.

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