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NuraphoneGaming Microphone - Frequently Asked Questions


Gaming Microphone - Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work with next-gen consoles?

Nuraphone Gaming Microphone is compatible with both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Does it support 3D sound?

While sound coming from the Nuraphone is unidirectional, you will be able to listen to and experience most 3D sound experiences applicable to stereo headphones.

Can a 3.5 mm extension cable be used with it?

In order to use a 3.5 mm extension cable, you must ensure it is TRRS enabled. Without this, you will not be able to retain the microphone functionality with your Gaming Microphone. Please refer to the below diagram for an image of the compatible cable male end.


The extension cable should have 3 black rings on the male end as shown to the left.

Do I need to make a new hearing profile for gaming?

As your hearing profile is constructed to provide you with personalized sound no matter what the setting, there isn’t a need to create a hearing profile specific for gaming. We’d recommend, though, configuring the settings (i.e. immersion level) to your specific gaming needs.

Can it be charged while being used?

The Gaming Microphone does not charge during usage and will instead utilize your Nuraphone's battery. Therefore, you will need to ensure your Nuraphone is charged prior to use. The good news is that the Nuraphone's battery should last around 20 hours on a full charge.

Can I use it with my phone or other devices?

Yes, if your phone or device has a compatible 3.5 mm headphone jack then you will be able to use the Gaming Microphone. If not, you will need to use either your device’s Lightning or USB-C adapter.

Can it be used for singing?

Yes, the Gaming Microphone is compatible for use with singing applications as long as the device you are connecting to has a combined 3.5 mm headphone/microphone port (or TRRS, 4-pole enabled). Please note, however, that the Gaming Microphone is optimized for vocal clarity, which means there may be less mid-range and low-range content than a standard studio microphone.

Does the volume toggle control the chat, game volume or both?

The volume toggle will only control the game volume. The microphone/input volume can be controlled within your console/PC settings or in the game itself.

Do you need specific software to use it on PC or Mac?

No, however, the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone will require an analog 3.5 mm (TRRS enabled) jack connection in order to connect to a PC or Mac. You then need to select the Headphone port as both your input and output within the system settings.

To change your Nuraphone settings, simply disconnect the Gaming Microphone and then reconnect your Nuraphone to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. Then you can either make changes via the Touch Buttons or open the Nura app to adjust the settings. Please note that the Nuraphone settings cannot be adjusted while the Gaming Microphone is connected.

To find more information on how to use the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone with PC and Mac computers, please select How to use the Gaming Microphone.

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