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NuraphoneCharging your Nuraphone


Charging your Nuraphone

Your Nuraphone's lithium-ion battery provides approximately 20 hours of wireless use.

Checking your Nuraphone's battery

  • When you put on your Nuraphone, the voice prompt will announce your battery level.

  • When your Nuraphone needs charging, the voice prompt will announce ”battery low” while you’re listening to music.

  • Check the battery indicator in the top right-hand corner of the Nura app:



Charging your Nuraphone

1. Connect your Nuraphone to your USB-A charging cable, or a USB-C cable if purchased separately.

2. Connect the cable to a computer or wall charger.

3. Allow approximately three hours for your Nuraphone's battery to fully charge.

Please note: you can't charge your Nuraphone with the Lightning, analog, micro-USB cables or Gaming Microphone. These cable options are only for playback.

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