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NuraLoopUsing your NuraLoop's TouchDials


Using your NuraLoop's TouchDials

Your NuraLoop has a TouchDial on each side that you can tap and dial to perform useful functions.


Dial the TouchDials clockwise and anticlockwise to adjust your ANC/Social Mode and volume.

The left dial controls ANC/Social Mode and the right dial controls the volume.


Either single tap or double-tap the TouchDials to skip tracks, play/pause, and more. This can be customized within the Nura app.

Missing double tap? Ensure you have updated your NuraLoop to the latest firmware. You can check this in the Nura app.

Go to:

Menu > Device Settings > Software update.


You can customize both the tap and dial controls in the Nura app:

  1. Open the Nura app with your NuraLoop connected via Bluetooth to your device.

  2. Tap on the Menu icon at the top left (the hamburger icon):

  3. Tap on Device settings > Configure Touch Buttons

  4. Choose the Tap and Dial controls you want to change.


When using the Analog cable, only Immersion, Social Mode and volume can be changed with the TouchDials.

Having issues with your TouchDials?

Try resetting your NuraLoop.

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