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NuraLoopUsing third-party Ear Tips


Using third-party Ear Tips

Based on customer feedback we have compiled a list of third-party ear tips which our customers have found to be compatible with their NuraLoop. This list is not exhaustive as fit can vary from person to person.


Use of third-party attachments to Nura products is not supported by Nura.

Nura does not promote one brand of ear tips over another and is not liable for any damage caused by use of any third party products.

In some instances, customers may find that the supplied ear tips do not meet their desired fit and comfort levels. If you encounter issues personalizing your NuraLoop or with the quality of audio, we recommend attempting to replicate your issue with the originally supplied ear tips prior to contacting us.

The inner tube diameter of replacement ear tips must be ~4mm to fit the NuraLoop.


  • True Grip Pro

  • Isolation 400 and 500 series (no waxguard)


  • Ear Tips for Jabra Elite 65t


  • CP350

  • CP360

  • CP100


  • Spiral Dot

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