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NuraLoopPersonalizing your NuraLoop


Personalizing your NuraLoop

Before you can start using your NuraLoop, you will need to personalize it. When you personalize, your NuraLoop learns how you hear.

Before personalizing your NuraLoop:

  1. Download the Nura app.

  2. In the Nura app, tap Create an account and enter your details. If you already have a Nura account, then tap Log in instead.

  3. Select NuraLoop.

  4. Put on your NuraLoop. When you put on your NuraLoop, it turns on and enters discoverable mode.

  5. Tap Open Bluetooth Settings on the Nura app and select 'NuraLoop xxx'.

Personalizing your NuraLoop:

  1. In the Nura app, tap Begin to begin personalization.

  2. Adjust your NuraLoop ear tips by rotating them back and forth until you see two constant ticks on the Nura app screen. Once you have a good fit, personalization starts and takes about a minute.

  3. Tap Personalized to hear music with your hearing profile applied.

  4. Use the slider to adjust your Immersion.

  5. Scroll your finger around the right TouchDial to adjust the volume of your music.

  6. Scroll your finger around the left TouchDial to adjust between Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Social Mode.

  7. Customize your NuraLoop TouchDials. You can also do this later in the settings menu.

  8. Choose between Manual On/Off (recommended) or Auto On/Off. You can also do this later via Device Settings.

Your NuraLoop is now personalized.

Need help personalizing?

If you're having trouble personalizing your NuraLoop, please see Personalization troubleshooting below.

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