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NuraLoopNuraLoop is unresponsive


NuraLoop is unresponsive

In rare instances, your NuraLoop may become unresponsive. As we do not have traditional on/off buttons and rely on sensors, it may be difficult for some customers to tell the difference between a unit that simply requires charging or a faulty one.

  • Ensure that the charging cable "clicks" into place and is secure before charging.

  • Ensure the LED on the charging cable is pulsing when your NURALOOP is placed on charge.

  • Avoid using fast chargers, which are common with battery packs and some wall adaptors. Please see the recent announcement here for a detailed outline of an identified issue.

  • If you are using a laptop or desktop computer to try and charge your NURALOOP, try a 5V wall adaptor, if possible, and leave it on charge overnight to see if there is any change in the status of the NURALOOP.

  • Perform a USB Override Reset by connecting the included USB-A charger to a USB charging point (with no more than a 5V output), and connect and disconnect the NURALOOP to the charger 10 times. You may need to charge the NURALOOP for a few hours after completing this.

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Try this solution

TouchDial hold reset

Place your NuraLoop in your ears and hold down on each TouchDial at the same time for approximately 5 seconds. Repeat this three times whilst wearing your NuraLoop.

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