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NuraLoopFitting your NuraLoop


Fitting your NuraLoop

Put your NuraLoop on

  1. Left and Right - Hold the ear tip marked L in your left hand, and the ear tip marked R in your right hand, with the curved ear hooks pointed upwards.

  2. Position your NuraLoop - Lift your NuraLoop over your head so that the cable sits at the back of your neck. Place the ear hooks over your ears.


We recommend that you remove glasses, caps, or other possible obstructions when you personalize your NuraLoop for the first time to ensure you get the best fit possible. Once complete, you will be fine to wear these again for every day use.

Making adjustments to the fit

  1. Adjust your NuraLoop - Insert the ear tips into your ears and rotate back and forth to find the right fit. Your NuraLoop should feel secure and comfortable.

  2. Adjust ear hooks - Adjust the malleable ear hooks so they sit comfortably in the curve behind your ear. The ear hooks will help keep your NuraLoop secure as you move around. To ensure your NuraLoop fits comfortably, try the different sized ear tips to find what works best for you.

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