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NuraLoopCharging your NuraLoop


Charging your NuraLoop

IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING: only use 5V wall chargers for charging the NuraLoop, do not use anything higher than this.

To charge your NuraLoop's battery:

  1. Connect your NuraLoop to the USB-A charging cable (comes included).

  2. Connect the cable to a computer or wall charger.

Your NuraLoop’s battery takes approximately two hours to fully charge.

Your NuraLoop’s battery provides 16+ hours of wireless use when fully charged.

To connect your USB-A charging cable:

With the NuraLoop's PlayClip magnetic connector, cables snap into place automatically.


The USB-A charging cable has an LED light that pulsates when you NuraLoop is charging. When your NuraLoop is fully charged, the LED light will stop pulsating and simply be on.

If you are having issues with charging your NuraLoop or turning it on please select Charging troubleshooting below.

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