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NuraLoopBluetooth issues


Bluetooth issues

1. Check your NURALOOP and device are charged.

2. Make sure your NURALOOP is turned on and you are wearing it. See: Turning your NURALOOP On/Off

3. Remove the analog and charging cables from your NURALOOP. You can’t connect your NURALOOP via Bluetooth if there are any cables connected.

4. Check your device’s Bluetooth is turned on.

5. Turn your device’s Bluetooth off and on, and then try pairing your NURALOOP again.

6. Check you’re connecting to "nuraloop XXX", not “nuraloop XXX[LE]”.

7. If you’ve previously connected your NURALOOP to your device with Bluetooth, remove your NURALOOP from the paired device list and then pair again.

8. Move your NURALOOP and device within 10 feet of each other.

9. Move your NURALOOP and device away from other Bluetooth devices, microwaves, and wireless routers.

10. Restart your device.

Bluetooth connection cutting in and out?

Bluetooth is made for short-distance transmissions, so audio can get a little blurred from time to time. However, your NURALOOP shouldn't be consistently stuttering when connected via Bluetooth. If your NURALOOP is stuttering, please:

  • Move your NURALOOP and paired device closer to each other. The NURALOOP's Bluetooth sensor is in the right-side earpiece, so by moving your paired device closer to the NURALOOP's right-hand side should enhance the connection.

  • Move your NURALOOP away from metal appliances, microwaves, wireless speakers, external monitors, LCD displays, and other wireless devices.

  • Check you’ve charged both your NURALOOP and your paired device.

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest software on your NURALOOP and paired device.

  • Try pairing your NURALOOP to a different device and see if the issue persists.

For Android users (other than Huawei):

Please check what codec you are using. Make sure your NURALOOP is turned on and connected to your phone then follow these steps:

1. Go to _Settings -> About Phone -> Build Numbe_r.
2. Now tap on Build Number seven times (a countdown should start appearing). You’ll now have access to Developer Settings.
3. Navigate back to Settings and Developer Settings should now be accessible. From here you can select your Bluetooth codec.
Some Android devices vary in their menu options, and others include:
_Settings -> About -> Software Information -> More -> Build Number
Settings -> About phone -> Software info -> Build Number
_If you are having constant stuttering issues, please try changing your Bluetooth codec to aptX (non-HD) as this generally results in a more stable connection.
If using a Huawei phone this process is slightly different. Please navigate to:
_Settings -> Device Connectivity -> Bluetooth
Once here, try pressing the gear icon next to your NURALOOP and then turn off high sound quality. This should change the codec from aptX-HD to aptX and reduce or stop the stuttering.

Trouble pairing with specific Bluetooth products?

Please see our connecting your NURALOOP to other products guide.

Trouble connecting the NURALOOP to the Nura app?

**If using an iOS device:

- Ensure that the Nura app has Bluetooth access. You will initially be prompted this when launching the Nura app for the first time.
To check this, open Settings >nura, then ensure Bluetooth is toggled on.


- Do not rename the NURALOOP within the Bluetooth settings. If you've changed the name and you're still unable to access the Nura app, simply change the name back to 'nuraloop'.
If using an iOS or Android device:
- Should you still be experiencing issues, try accessing the Nura app using a different internet source. For instance, if you're using WiFi, try using a cellular connection and vice-versa.

Still experiencing Bluetooth issues?

Please reset your NURALOOP or contact us.

If you’re receiving an error message on the Nura app, you can check what it means.

What kind of Bluetooth issue are you experiencing?

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