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NuraBudsUsing Touch Buttons on your NuraBuds


Using Touch Buttons on your NuraBuds

Your NuraBuds have a Touch Button on each earbud that you can tap to perform useful functions.

In order to customize your Touch Buttons in the Nura app:

  1. Open the Nura app with your NuraBuds connected via Bluetooth to your device.

  2. Tap on the menu icon at the top left-hand corner of your screen.

  3. Tap on Device Settings > Configure Touch Buttons.

  4. Choose the Tap controls you wish to adjust

IMPORTANT: Triple tap, Double tap and Hold functions were introduced in January 2022 by way of a firmware update. If you don't see these functions in the Nura app, please update your NuraBuds' firmware.

Tap/Double Tap/Triple Tap/Double Tap and Hold options:

  • Enable/disable social mode

  • Enable/disable social mode and pause

  • Voice assistant

  • Play/pause music and answer calls

  • Previous track

  • Play/pause music and answer/hang up calls

  • Play/pause music

  • Next track

  • Volume up

  • Volume down

  • Enable/disable immersion

  • Increase immersion level

  • Decrease immersion level

Press and Hold options:

  • Press and hold both Touch Buttons for five seconds to enter pairing mode.

  • Press and hold both Touch Buttons for 10 seconds to perform a Device Reset.

Where to tap:

When using the Touch Buttons, simply Tap the Nura logo to activate your commands. The area outside of the Nura logo will not respond to touch (for example, the rim of NuraBuds).

Tapping in the center of NuraBuds will ensure your input is received:

Having Touch Button Trouble?

Please select the Touch Button troubleshooting option below.

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