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NuraBudsUpdating Your NuraBuds


Updating Your NuraBuds

The current NuraBuds firmware version is 300234, which was released in January 2022. In order to access the latest and greatest features for your NuraBuds, ensure you regularly check for updates to the Nura app as well as your NuraBuds.

Your Nura app

To update the Nura app, open the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices) to check for available updates.

Your NuraBuds

Every now and then, we’ll add significant improvements to the NuraBuds with a firmware upgrade. These will be either automatically applied to your device or you may need to perform the below.

To update your NuraBuds firmware:

  1. Open the Nura app.

  2. A message will appear that an update is available, tap Start update
    or tap Menu > Device Settings > Software update > Start update.

  3. Your upgrade will begin.

Feel free to take off your NuraBuds, but keep them close to your phone with the screen turned on.

Having Trouble Updating?

Please see Firmware update troubleshooting below.

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