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NuraBudsTurning Your NuraBuds On/Off


Turning Your NuraBuds On/Off

IMPORTANT: To turn your NuraBuds on for the first time, you must remove the plastic from the charging terminals, return the buds to the charging case and close the lid.

Turning Your NuraBuds On/Off

  • To power on: remove your NuraBuds from the charging case.

  • To power off: place your NuraBuds into the charging case. NuraBuds will beep when they've been returned to the case. The beep indicates that the case has charge.

Case Tips

If your NuraBuds are in the charging case and the charging case has no charge, your NuraBuds will enter Deep Sleep after five minutes. To wake them, perform a Device Reset:

  • Hold down the Touch Buttons on both sides of your NuraBuds for 10 seconds to reset

If your NuraBuds will not turn on, it may mean that they also have no charge. Try charging your NuraBuds for two hours and then perform the Device Reset above.

Inactivity Timer

To save battery, your NuraBuds can be configured to turn off after a period of silence. If your NuraBuds are inactive during this period of silence, you will be prompted to tap either Touch Button if you want your NuraBuds to remain on.

To configure these settings, connect to the Nura app with NuraBuds connected to your device.
To access these settings, select: Menu > Device settings > Inactivity Timer.

The Inactivity Timer options are:

  • Prompt after 5 minutes, repeating.

  • Prompt after 10 minutes, repeating.

  • Prompt after 15 minutes, repeating.

Having Trouble?

Please see NuraBuds troubleshooting below.

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