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NuraBudsImporting your Personalized hearing profile to your NuraBuds


Importing your Personalized hearing profile to your NuraBuds

TIP: Before importing a hearing profile, ensure your Nura app is up to date and that your NuraBuds are running the latest firmware version—see the Updating your NuraBuds option below.

Importing a Profile

You can import a hearing profile created by a Nura product (such as Nuraphone, NuraLoop or NuraTrue).

All profiles created with your Nura account, which is the email address used to login to the Nura app, will be accessible on NuraBuds so long as you're logged in with the same account that was used to create the profiles.

To begin importing your hearing profile:

  1. Connect your NuraBuds to your mobile device and open up the Nura app.

  2. Once your NuraBuds are connected, you will be prompted to import a hearing profile. Alternatively, you can tap the Import Profile button at the top of the home screen.

  3. Select the desired hearing profile and tap Import. The Nura app will begin transferring the hearing profile to your NuraBuds.

  4. Once complete, the Nura app will let you experience your imported hearing profile.

Exporting a Profile

IMPORTANT: You can only export hearing profiles created using the Nura account you are logged into on the Nura app.

You can also share your hearing profile, or have your friends and family share their hearing profiles created on their Nura device to a different email address. This is a great option if your NuraBuds are your only Nura product — create a hearing profile on a friend's NuraLoop, NuraTrue, or Nuraphone, and have them export the profile to your Nura account via email.

To share a hearing profile between Nura accounts:

  1. Open the Nura app with your Nura device connected.

  2. Select Share > Export Profile and enter the email address associated with the Nura account you want to send the profile to. An email will be sent to you containing a unique link that allows you to import the hearing profile.

TIP: If you can’t open the link within the email on your mobile device, you can scan the QR code that’s included in the email by using the Nura app. Simply tap Import Profile, then Import Hearing Profile + for this option to appear.

Having Issues Importing/Exporting a Profile?

Please select the Profile import troubleshooting option below.

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