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NuraBudsConnecting Your NuraBuds With Bluetooth


Connecting Your NuraBuds With Bluetooth

You’ll need to pair your NuraBuds to your mobile device via Bluetooth to access the Nura app.

Connect Your NuraBuds Via Bluetooth

  1. Enter pairing mode by press and holding down the Touch Button on each earbud for five seconds.

  2. On your mobile device go to Settings > Bluetooth.

  3. Select NURABUDS xxx. xxx is the NuraBuds unique pairing number.

Swapping Between Bluetooth Devices

  1. Your NuraBuds will automatically enter discoverable mode for two minutes when you enter pairing mode. To enter pairing mode, press and hold down the Touch Button on each earbud simultaneously until you hear a tone.

  1. When your NuraBuds are in discoverable mode, select "NuraBuds xxx" in the Bluetooth settings of any device you'd like to switch to.

  2. A voice prompt will announce "Bluetooth device changed". You have now swapped your connection.

Having Bluetooth trouble?

Please see Bluetooth troubleshooting below.

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