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NuraBudsCharging your NuraBuds and case


Charging your NuraBuds and case

Your NuraBuds battery provides four hours of wireless use, and up to 10 hours of use when using the charging case.

  • To charge your NuraBuds, place them in the case and close the lid. Your NuraBuds shut down and charge when placed inside the case. Your case holds multiple full charges for your NuraBuds so you can charge when on the move. To keep your NuraBuds charged, put them in the case when you're not using them. The NuraBuds battery takes approximately two hours to fully charge.

  • To charge your case, connect the case to the included USB-A to micro-USB charging cable and plug it into a computer or wall adapter. The charging case has one LED light which indicates when it’s charging. Your NuraBuds charging case takes approximately two hours to fully charge.

TIP: Your NuraBuds will beep when placed in the case and are connected to the charging pins. If this tone does not play, this indicates that the charging case battery is critically low and needs to be charged.

Checking Your NuraBuds Battery

While connected to your NuraBuds, you can check the battery indicator in the top-right corner of the Nura app. The battery level of each side of the NuraBuds will be displayed.

Please note:

  • A voice prompt will also announce ”battery low” when your NuraBuds need charging.

  • A voice prompt will announce “battery critical” when your NuraBuds are about to power off.

Having Trouble Charging?

Please select the NuraBuds charging troubleshooting option below.

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