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Secondhand Nura Device Purchases

Nura ceased selling Nura-branded products in mid 2023, however accessories are still available for purchase here should you require any spare parts such as a new charging cable or eartips.

The NuraNow subscription program is still running for existing subscribers, however we are not offering this service to new customers at this time.

If you're considering purchasing a secondhand/used Nura device from a third party, please contact our Customer Experience Experts via the option below with the serial number to make sure the device is active, valid and not connected to a NuraNow account.

To obtain the serial number, simply have the seller retrieve it from within the Nura app while the device is connected. The serial number can be found within the main menu, under ‘Device Settings'.

Alternatively, you can test this yourself if you physically have access to the device. To do this, simply create a new hearing profile as a new user, with a new email account, to see if the device is still active.

Devices obtained through NuraNow should never be bought or sold as they are property of Nura.

NuraNow devices cannot be used by anyone other than the original subscriber. Please ensure when purchasing a unit to always verify the unit with Nura first.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we can only advise if the product is activated, not assigned to a NuraNow account and still under warranty. No further details can be provided. Nura accepts no responsibility if the serial provided by the seller is not the actual device being sold.

If you require further information, see our terms of use policy here or select the Contact Nura Support option below.

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