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Cancelling your NuraNow subscription

We're sorry to hear you'd like to cancel your subscription!

NuraNow subscriptions don't just give you access to the Nura device, you also get:

1. NuraNow Perks

A monthly perks email with exclusive content from amazing artists, discounts, and a giveaway each month! Previous giveaways have included vinyl turntables, VR headsets, fitness watches, synthesizers, tickets to concerts for artists like Thom Yorke and more.

We've also given NuraNow subscribers access to services like Tidal and Endel.

2. Worry-Free Warranty

Worry-Free Warranty means you can receive a replacement Nura device in the event that it is lost, damaged or stolen. Simply pay a small fee and we'll send you a replacement device.

For more details on our Worry-Free Warranty please select the NuraNow Terms and Conditions option below.

3. Device Refresh

Choose a new device every 24 months, at no additional cost.

For more details on Device Refresh please select the NuraNow Terms and Conditions option below.

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