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Adding an additional email address to your NuraNow Account

Your NuraNow account and its associated devices can only be accessed using the email address initially used to create your account.

Should you wish to add an additional email address to your account to allow another person to access your device, please contact us using the Contact Nura Support option below.

IMPORTANT: Please note, additional email addresses added to your account will only be able to access your associated Nura device, but won’t be able to change any other details on your account.

Additionally, if the most recent payment has not been deducted successfully from your account, neither the primary nor additional email addresses associated with the account will have access to the Nura device.

Changing your primary email address

To change your primary email address, simply contact our Customer Experience Experts by selecting the Contact Nura Support option below.

Please note that for account security we may require further information about your account to validate your request.

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